Tuukka Aimasmäki

Our team brings together all kinds of talented people. This young man is project designer Tuukka Aimasmäki, whose image and video projections on the screen at the back of the hall bring the show pace and rhythm. In a space like the hall of the Helsinki Conservatory, projected images are an important element of the staging. Tuukka is only nineteen but he has a professional approach to his work. He has already been involved in many different artistic projects, including working on Germania, an opera directed by Ville Saukkonen in 2016. Next spring Tuukka will graduate from Kallio High School, where he studies sound and lighting design and all aspects of stage production. In addition to this, he has produced many of his own projects, notably some involving the voice. Having also studied the trumpet, Tuukka’s background in music is an invaluable asset in putting together an opera. #youngtalents #poppea#poppeankruunaus